The Effect of Sprouting and Heat Treatment on the Proximate Composition, functional and pasting properties of Bambara groundnut flour

The possibilities of applying bambara groundnut flour as nutrient-dense and functional food ingredients were investigated through sprouting and heat treatment (oven drying and toasting) of the seeds. Before the evaluation of the proximate composition, functional properties and pasting changes, the 5 days sprouted bambara nuts were divided into two. One portion was toasted at 120 0C while the other was oven-dried at 60 0C and the flours obtained from the dehulled seeds were compared with flour from non-sprouted- dehulled seeds. Both the sprouting and heat treatments produced significant effects on the proximate composition, functional properties and pasting properties of the bambara groundnut flour samples. Crude protein increased from 21.28% in the non-sprouted to 25.21% in the sprouted and blanched while fat reduced from 5.52 % in nonsprouted to 4.91% in sprouted-oven dried. Both sprouting and heat treatment increased the coldwater absorption capacity from 1.35 g/g i

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