Multimodal Biometrics System, Nigeria Identity Solution

Biometrics involves the scientific and technological exploration of biological data from the human body. This entails capturing data, deriving distinctive features, and matching them with a template set in the database. Research indicates that single-mode biometric systems suffer from drawbacks in terms of performance and precision. In contrast, multi-modal biometric systems surpass their single-mode counterparts in performance, even when dealing with intricate scenarios. We assess the precision and performance of multi-modal biometric authentication through cutting-edge Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products. Our focus is on biometric systems centered around fingerprints and facial recognition, along with the decision-making and fusion techniques employed within these systems. The advantages of these multi-modal systems over single-mode. KEYWORDS: Authentication, Evaluation, Normalization Multimodal Biometrics, Fusion, face, fingerprint and Matching score.

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