The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Revamping Nigeria’s Economy

The world at large is battling with economic problems especially since the outbreak of Corona virus. Production, distribution, and trade, as well as consumption of goods and services have all been affected and their sustainability is not assured. Although information and communication technology (ICT) may have the potential to revamp economy, it’s none or partial application in Nigeria opposes this possibility. ICT facilitates a wide range of services and transactions such as online banking and online services. This paper presents a study conducted on the role of ICT in revamping Nigeria’s economy. The paper first presents the background information on Nigeria economy and the role ICT will play in revamping Nigeria’s economy. These include improvement of decision-making, productivity, financial performance, customer service and aiding of human development. The pape urged that ICT systems be fully used in Nigeria economy in order to revamp and sustain it. Keywo

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