Home Garden has been embraced by households right from the olden days as a good source of food, thus promoting food security. Due to increase in population, the challenge of food security becomes inevitable in Nigeria. Further, the outbreak of corona virus disease exposed a lot of households to hunger due to restriction of movements placed as one of the measures for curbing the spread of the disease. This thereby greatly increased the need for home gardens. The paper reviewed the contributions of Home gardens to food security during and Post Covid-19 era. It is discussed under the following sub heads: concept of home garden, products of home garden, contributions of home garden to household food security, challenges faced by households in the practice of home gardens, strategies for improving the practice of home garden, among others. The review showed that inadequate accommodation, emergence of modern facilities such as interlock tiles and prohibition order placed by the landlords and the landladies are some challenges of home garden in Nigeria. It also revealed that planting food crops using containers and sacks along with crops that do not take time for harvesting has a great role in tackling the challenges of home garden to boast food security during and posit covid-19 era in Nigeria. From the review, it was concluded that home garden is a veritable tool in promoting food security, and recommended that household members should be encouraged to embrace home garden by cultivating crops using containers and sacks around their neighborhood. Key word: Home garden, Food security, Household, Covid -19

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