Businesses around the world are being severely impacted by COVID-19. Amidst the ongoing crisis, countries around the world are opening up again to a business world in which both consumer behaviors and company practices have started to change. From manufacturing to marketing, 2020 has seen shifts in the way businesses and organizations operate in the wake of the deadly virus. The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic came so quickly and hit so hard that companies worldwide are trying to stabilize their business to the point where they can recover. The integration of well-established Crisis Management theories allows one to draw valuable insights and develop a suitable conceptual framework that has its application in enterprise management during and after COVID-19. The shutdowns are causing businesses complex and pressing challenges that require a swift and bold response. The work was aimed at analyzing business management and its recovery during post covid-19 era. The paper posits that organizations and businesses with a networked structure are more responsive, agile, and resilient in the face of adversity. Prosperous organizations leverage ICT and integrate Intranet, social media, and online communication platforms into their daily business routines, as this helps to establish trust and build bonds with employees, stakeholders, and customers prior to and after Covid 19 era. Keywords: Business Management; Digitization; Covid-19; Enterprise; Crisis management

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