In many ways, mass media seems to be associated with development. The attainment of sustainable development depends on socio-economic and political environment where the role of mass media is essential. The media are meant to serve both elite and those at the grassroots levels. They are expected to focus their time and resources on sensitive issues that matter most to the people. They produce stories that help to make sense of, and sensibilities about social order. Media houses do focus on policy and always see the relevance of their stories to policy bringing about development. They are supposed to bring to the limelight what the people need and what they expect from the government. The media houses are supposed to show case news that are crucial to man’s effort to gain a greater control of his life.As a watchdog of the society,the media owe it as a duty to monitor governance closely and hold public office holders accountable to the people who elected them as require by the constitution. They are expected to explain, interpret and comment on the implication of events and issues especially as they relate to development. However, certain factors are hindering the ability of the press to carry out some of their development goals in the society. It is against this background that this paper examines the concept of development as well as the challenges and constraints that hinder the media from performing their sustainable development roles in Nigeria. It concludes that the role that mass media play in sustaining the development of a society cannot be overemphasized; any media house must strive to live up to the expectations of the people no matter the constraints and challenges that might stand in its ways. Keywords: Media, Information, Government, Governance, Development Journalism

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