Development of a route guidance system for Minna Metropolis: With Particular reference to the major roads in Minna.

This research work is aimed at developing a route guidance system for the major roads in Minna metropolis. It focuses on parameters such as; peak congestion periods, travel time, travel speed and delay data on each of the major roads. The results obtained from these studies serve as database for the ArcGIS software, which was then used to analyze the network areas (major roads) to create new possible alternate routes. Random trips through these major roads were generated and analyzed to give directions and generate the optimum route for each trip. The ArcGIS operates based on analysis settings and also given network data. The network data in this research work is the base map of Minna city, while the analysis settings include the impedance and result accumulation. The travel speed is assumed to be constant for each trip, while the varying parameters include the length of the route to be travelled, and the travel time taken to complete each trip. The application of the ArcGIS software has proven to be a very efficient method in providing optimum alternate routes in these locations within the Minna metropolis. Keywords: Alternate route, ArcGIS, Minna, optimum travel time, traffic

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