A Review of the Role of Information Systems in Global Business

This research work reviews the role of information systems in global business. Information systems are crucial to the growth and development of businesses in Nigeria and the global world, hence, the need to study circumstances surrounding the global business management and the role played by information management in solving managers’ daily problems. The general purpose of this research work is to review the roles of information systems in global world and the specific objective is to identify business opportunities resulting from improved information technology as it affects the global businesses, including the roles of digital networking in managing businesses. To achieve this objective, relevant recent literature was reviewed. The methodology involved the use of secondary data and information received from serving managers including appraisal of relevant journals and books. Findings revealed that multinational operations would improve as a result of technological changes, findings also revealed that companies would achieve higher sales turnover and enhance more profit because major costs centers can be eliminated and excessive human efforts drastically reduced. The author concluded that information systems aid the growth of new businesses and development of new ones. From the findings, it was recommended that each organisation should develop a standard management information systems unit to promote information literacy by combining both computer science and behavioural aspect of management with practical orientation towards developing system solutions to real-world problems and managing information technology resources. Key Words: Business Management, Business Opportunity, Business Transformation, Global Business, Information System and Internet

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